• Project

    Capco // Worldwide Strategy Animation

  • About

    Capco needed to distribute a new worldwide sales and business strategy to all of their staff. This is quite an undertaking for any large NGO. The more engaged you can keep staff the more successful the roll out will be. They opted for a web application and required an animation to underpin the functionality of the web app.

    What we did

    We wanted to design motion graphics that demonstrated and highlighted the different facets of the strategy. To punctuate the 6 sections of the strategy so we developed a paper, hexagonal shape, which folds out like a piece of origami. Each one of the 6 sides of the hexagon reveal a section with further info contained within.

    Motion design for the piece was created in Cinema4D using point line animation (PLA) so each fold is individually key-framed – much like a folding piece of origami. We rendered the animation using C4D’s physical render module.