3D Animation

3D animation brings depth, realism and engagement to video. This could mean full 3D character development, product visualisations, or text and 3D animated graphics for your latest corporate video.

We love 3D because it gives us the opportunity to really get creative. We like to go all out when it comes to producing 3D animation – such as developing and moulding shapes in real life using white tack, before photographing them to produce the 3D framework.

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“Couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

Herman Eberharter

The Grizzle portfolio holds 3D animation for a range of purposes, from product videos to game design. This includes animated diagrams and text, and original 3D character design, rigging, and animation. We construct inventive visuals using 3D-capture technology and software such as Cinema4D. Our in house render farm allows us to provide on-site rendering for complex animations, photo-realistic product visualisations, and high level visual effects. We can also use 3D techniques to create a 2D look, for an even bolder design.

Our team love creating exciting, innovative designs that really draw audiences in. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look for yourself.

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