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Freddie Littlewood

Animation Director

Why use Explainer Videos?

  • Explainer videos bring insight, branding and engagement to video.
  • Humans love to digest visual information – 65% of us are visual learners.
  • Explainer videos can be a great tool to help imprint your message with depth and character.
  • Explainer videos can often be easier to produce when compared to traditional filmed footage.


An explainer video with a twist

Definitely the whackiest Explainer video we’ve ever made – The Manpon by WaterAid


How do I best get my project rolling?

Call us first – it’s so hard to know where to start so let us help you out.

There are many styles and techniques to choose from and each method is associated with varying timeframes and budgets.

We highly recommend chatting to us on the phone first so we can help you in the right direction.

Our studio might be the perfect match for your requirements, or we simply might not be. In any case we’re happy to help.


TRX sizzler - 30s explainer long video

This Explainer video for TRX was only 30s long – aka ‘a sizzler’.


What is Grizzle good for?

Wooah woooah, absolutely nothing – don’t sing that.

We’ve made explainer videos in all shapes and sizes. The TRX explainer video above was only 30s long – just to give a flavour of their product. Other videos have taken longer forms and have used different animation styles.

The goal of every explainer video we make is to drive engagement with the viewer and ultimately your customer.

The Grizzle portfolio holds explainer videos for a range of purposes, from Social Media Advertising Campaigns, TV Shows, Product Explainer Videos, Game Design and more.

You can view more examples of our explainer video work here or for a bite-sized sample of the animations we’ve made why not check our reel on the homepage.


Benefits of Explainer Videos

1. They’re fun and engaging

Explainer videos bring an intriguing aspect to your products or services.

Your target market, whether that’s b2b or b2c, will stay engaged with your animated explainer video whilst absorbing the information you’re providing.

As we said, 65% of us are visual learners, so what better way to get your message across than with an animated video of your product, service or whatever you may be promoting.

Here at Grizzle Explainer Video Studio, we’re hot on making things as fresh as possible. 😎

It’s at the heart of every animation we make and we honestly can’t get enough of it.

We’ll apply this work ethos to your project to make you and your product or service stand out from the crowd.

2. Explainer videos can maximise your conversion rate

Who doesn’t want to do that, right?

A business’ most useful tracking metric is their conversion rate – without it, how do you know what’s working and what isn’t?

Some businesses produce plain, uninspiring media, either by choice or not, that doesn’t engage their target market.

This won’t boost your conversion rate and will most likely not entice your market to buy.

That’s where explainer videos comes in.

You get complete control over what you’re showing your market – you know them better than anyone, so you know what they’ll like and engage with.

Brilliant animations can engage a large demographic of people from old to young. An engaged and well-informed customer is more likely to become a conversion.

We can create the message you need in an easily digestible style.

Essentially, this provides your target market with everything they need about your offering in the best way possible, maximising conversions.

3. Animated Explainer Videos leave a memorable (and consistent) lasting impression

Maintaining visual consistency of a brand can be a challenge. Animation can help keep your brand and message uniform.

Look at a yellow M on a red background and you instantly know what it is.

That’s the lasting impression our explainer video can provide for your business.

Working with you, we’ll develop an animated explainer video that gets across all the key points of your product or service in an engaging, on-brand, impression-making piece of media.

No matter your target market, industry or brand style, we can produce an explainer video that’ll wholly capture the interest of whoever you’re selling to.

4. Explainer videos are easily-updatable so no need to re-shoot live footage

Sometimes shooting live footage is a great way to promote your product. It’s a route that many businesses use to promote their offers, but it hosts potential issues and sometimes escalating costs:

You may not have all the footage you need so the video needs re-shooting;

Paying for actors, on-set producers and post-production editors can quickly add up too;

It may not engage your target market as much as you were hoping – that’s a big loss if the final video doesn’t end up driving sales as much as you’d hoped.

Animated explainer videos can help alleviate some of these issues by being more malleable in the initial stages.

A picture tells a thousand words and in the initial stages that’s exactly what we’ll do. We will talk about points of reference from existing artwork or animations – sometimes from us and sometimes from other animation studios.

Once we understand the style we’re aiming for we can create a storyboard which will let you develop a clearer understanding of the direction of the piece. At this point it’s quick and easy to make edits to both the style and story.

Sometimes we will develop the storyboard into an animatic which helps get a feel of the timing and pace of the final piece. Another method we use is to create a sample of the animation for sign off before continuing. Again, it’s all about eliminating uncertainties as to what the final piece will look and feel like.

You’re also only paying for what you need, a dedicated in-house studio to produce your explainer video – we don’t have endless on-set production supervisors that eat away at your budget.

Explainer videos can make the whole process easier, and you have full control over what your target market would like to see.

5. Everyone can understand it

The “I don’t know what’s going on” feeling isn’t great, is it?

With clean, clear-cut and precise explainer videos, your target market won’t be confused about what you’re showing them.

Explainer videos can be as informative as you need.

Mixing the information with fun, enticing explainer videos can really engage whoever you’re targeting, helping them understand your brand, product, service and story.

It’s also usually much easier to version an animated explainer video into different languages for use in a range of worldwide markets.

Whether you don’t know what you want from your explainer video project, or whether you already have a well-developed idea, we can help you produce an impactful, engaging explainer video that your target market will love.


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