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Motion Graphics are at the heart of what we do. Agencies and brands like Red Bull and Adidas cone to us for end-to-end delivery of standout motion content.

If you want to chat anything Motion Design, call us. We’re happy to give some friendly advice.

Freddie Littlewood

Animation Director

Why use Motion Graphics?

  • Motion graphics brings depth, realism and engagement to video.
  • Humans love to digest visual information – 65% of us are visual learners.
  • Motion graphics can be a great tool to help tell your story with depth and character.

How do I best get my project rolling?

Call us first – it’s so hard to know where to start so let us help you out.

There are many styles and techniques to choose from and each method is associated with varying timeframes and budgets.

We highly recommend chatting to us on the phone first so we can help you in the right direction.

We might be the perfect match for your requirements, or we simply might not be.

In any case we’re happy to help.

What is Grizzle good for?

Wooah woooah, absolutely nothing – don’t sing that.

Over the years, we’ve created some great pieces of work by hand using traditional 2D motion graphics methods.

We’ve also created flowing pieces using modern 2.5D motion graphics techniques.

We sometimes even revert back to the classics of illustration and stop motion animation – the style choice is yours.

And, we’ve explored most techniques in between.

Your brief and requirements run the project – whether that’s “We’re not really sure what we want, do you have any ideas?”

or “We’ve already got a great design – could you help us animate it?”

Your branding and concept are important. We work with our clients to really understand their story and brand, and then have fun creating spectacular designs we know you’ll love – because we love them too.

The goal of every piece of work we do is to drive engagement with the viewer and ultimately your customer.

The Grizzle portfolio holds animation for a range of purposes, from Social Media Advertising campaigns, TV Shows, Product Explainer videos, Game Design and more.

You can more examples of our work here or for a bitesize sample of the projects we’ve worked on why not check our reel on the homepage.


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