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    Adidas Europa League Animations

  • About

    A commission by Adidas & Copa90 prior to the 2017 Europa League final of Manchester United vs Ajax.

    We were asked to bring Jesse Lingard’s goal to life for Manchester United vs Fenerbache. The style chosen was that of London based illustrator Hattie Stewart.

    For Jasper Dolberg’s great finish against Celta Vigo we animated Dolberg as a knight in shining armour jousting his way past the Vigo keeper.

    Technical Stuff:

    For Jesse Lingard’s goal the artwork was drawn back onto the footage by hand in Photoshop. The incredible Roger Wade leading the animation here. We used the camera tracker in After effects to add the eyes into the crowd in the first shot. Drawing this by hand would have taken days. The After Effects technique allowed us to achieve that look within a much shorter time frame.

    The animation of Dolberg was done using After Effects. Initially the components of Dolberg were drawn in Photoshop using some stock imagery. We broke down things like helmet, arm, forearm ect to allow us to animate them onto the positions of Dolberg’s limbs through the shot. We could have set up a Duik rig but found more control individually keyframing things by hand. For the psychedelic black and white warped background, we animated a cone in C4D using the bend deformer to move the back of the cone. The black and white texture on the cone was animated, firstly in After Effects then applied in Cinema4D as a texture.