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    The Greatest Horses of All Time – Coral Animation

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    As with every sport, each decade provides us with one extraordinary champion. In this animation we produced in partnership with Catena Media & Coral, we set out to shine a light on the greatest horses of all time. Sponsored by Coral, the Coral Eclipse takes place at Sandown. These horses are the all-time best winners from this race.

    With each decade, we aimed to reproduce artistic styles from the time. To solidify this, we added some subtle and some not-so-subtle nods to various pop culture pieces . . . that paper clip . . .


    Kicking things off, we have Wollow from the 1970’s. With the wacky colours and psychedelic tropes from the most colourful decade we’ve had, we wanted to really show off the trippy magic mushroom-esque visuals and designs from the decade with the most ka-pow!

    Wollow is one of the greatest horses of all time!

    Wollow’s incredible win in 1976


    Up next was the vibrant 80’s with Dancing Brave leading the pack. The decade that’s known for neon, the 80’s gave us loads to rave about with great music and cutting edge films – got your Light Disc? With the grid floor and huge gradient-loving sun, could this get any more 80’s?!


    FIGHT! Down with neon; CRT’s on the rise! Computer games dominated the 90’s with their pixelated graphics and button-mashing combos, just like Halling dominated, winning in both ’95 and ’96. PERFECT!


    The naughties rolled around with fears of the millennium bug, university-born social medias and pop-up helpers . . . not naming any names. Sea The Stars rocketed to victory in 2009 winning 8 of 9 runs – one the 21st century greats!

    Greatest Horses of All Time - Sea The Stars

    2000s – Sea The Stars Winning Decade


    The 2010’s . . . social media is at an all time high. People are getting famous for 6 second videos. We imagine the news quickly spread with the popularity of instant messaging after Golden Horn won 7 races out of 9 runs in 2015!

    A collection of the all time greats, each deservedly crowned with their decade-specific designs. We wholeheartedly enjoyed animating this project, everything from developing the artistic styles to replicating some of our favourite symbols and icons from the past 40 years. These are the Greatest Horses of All Time!


    Illustration – Roger Wade

    Animation – Alex Dray, Freddie Littlewood, Tom Carpenter, Tom Paddon

    Sound Design – Marcin Pawlik

    Client – Coral

    Agency – Catena Media