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    Ocean Wisdom – Tom & Jerry – Music Video Animation

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    Ocean Wisdom

    It’s a big shout, but we think Ocean Wisdom is the best rapper on the UK scene. He’s right up there on the world level too. It was an absolute honour to animate the music video to Tom & Jerry. The track might well be the best tune on Wizzville; an album scorching hot piping full of red-hot bangers. Featuring collab’s with the likes of Method Man, Rodney P, Dizzee Rascal and Roots Manuva. The track “Righteous” with Rodney P and Root Manuva is pure old-school quality.

    Ocean is signed to High Focus Records, a label adept at producing fresh talent for the UK Hip Hop scene. The label and Ocean allowed us almost 100% creative freedom and chipped in brilliantly with ideas for the animation. Working with corporate entities can be tricky when trying to manoeuvre “Brand-Nazis” and “Fun-Police” who stop some of the best creative work coming through. Not having a corporate agenda to uphold was liberating and we thoroughly relished that opportunity.

    Ocean Wisdom Tom&Jerry - Animated Video

    The Tune

    In the tune video we hear about Ocean making it in the rap game, allowing him to distance himself from the less-than-wholesome characters synonymous with a council estate upbringing.

    As he moves through the ranks of the UK Hip-Hop scene he finds the same antagonism as his did in his earlier life, this time from a middle-class fraternity; out leech from his success.

    These two crowds are played out in the animation by cats and mice. The lecherous cats portrayed as the filthy cretins they are; coughing up fur balls and sh*tting out bank notes from their bum holes.

    We see the wise mice played out by Ocean and his crew. The thug mice portraying the characters surrounding Ocean’s roots, from which he broke away.

    The Animation

    The animation was created by Oliver Pendle, Tom Willis & Freddie Littlewood with direction from Grizzle director Tom Carpenter. A combination of hand drawn animation was combined with illustration manipulated in After Effects.

    Tom & Jerry Mural

    A mural based on character illustration from the animation was painted in East London. The paint was put onto the wall by the canal at Clapton by writers Info & Bord of the 42 crew.

    Ocean Wisdom Tom & Jerry Graffiti