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    2D Game Animation – Opening Scenes – Windwalker

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    A while back, we were brought on board with Windwalker. The game never made it to the market, but nonetheless, here is the 2D game animation opener.

    Technical 2D Game Animation

    For this project, the illustration for the character was created by the immensely talented Harvey Dormer.

    Windwalker 2D Illustration. Opening Scenes - 2D Game Animation - Windwalker

    To start, we brought Harvey into the studio and asked him to make the character out of white-tac. Then, we took photos of the little guy (not harvey – the character), using a regular DSLR covering as many angles as we could – like this:

    Seren made from whitetac. Opening Scenes - 2D Game Animation - Windwalker

    After, we uploaded the images into AutoDesk’s amazing free software; 123-D Catch which creates a 3D mesh. To help with this, we put the black dots over the white-tac character to help the software interpolate between the images to create the mesh.

    We had to do a lot of work to the mesh that 123-D Catch generated. Therefore, inside Cinema4D, we had to completely re-modell Seren. Whilst creating a mesh that needs immediate remodelling seems counter intuitive, we have found the workflow to be superior. It meant that Harvey, the illustrator, was able to mould the finer details of the character himself before we had to try and interpret his musings. We found that it all but eliminates any of the usual painful rounds of feedback. Because of all this, we gained instant approval from the first round of images we sent to Harvey and client.

    To continue, inside of Cinema4D we used fluid simulation plugin Turbulence FD to drive the particle system around the Moon. For the particle system, we used Insydium’s incredibly powerful x-particles plugin. We find that it has a solid workflow and, no matter the project, we always find that x-particles is incredibly versatile and easy to use.

    To complete the project, we rendered and composited using Cinema4D’s physical renderer & After Effects respectively. It’s safe to say that the client was very happy with the end result, and so were we. Check it out above.