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    EHC Red Bull München Animated Graphics

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    Goal of the Month!

    Regular client Red Bull approached us to create a set of animated graphics for the EHC Red Bull München team’s ‘goal of the month’ feature. Due to the nature of ice hockey, all of these were really cool, frosty effects. This meant we had the opportunity to play around with tons of particles and simulations.

    EHC Red Bull München Animated Graphics – W Smash Motion

    Snow Particles

    EHC Red Bull München Animated Graphics – Car Skid

    Of all the graphics we made for this, this skid both required the most development but also gave the best result. There’s a whole lot going on here, both 2D and 3D work. Firstly, the ground is an Octane mix material with an animated texture acting as a mask. The animated mask is synced with the car, so as it skids past the ice underneath is revealed. The snow material has a displacement map too, which makes it appear as though its piled up on top of the ice underneath without the need for any additional geometry.

    To add to this effect, we built a nice little particle system in X-Particles to send some powdery snow skidding away from the car’s tyres. The particles have some physics of their own to allow them to blow away nicely. The final ingredient on top is an After Effects particle system to add another layer of snowfall. This also facilitates the transition at the end of the shot, as we just upped the particle count until we could transition to a fully white screen.

    One additional challenge

    EHC Red Bull München Animated Graphics – Car Title Reveal

    The last little challenge in this project was the car that goes screeching across the lower thirds. Since we weren’t able to get our hands on the actual 3D model of the car we had to improvise with what we had. Luckily, what we did have access to was a series of renders of the car at different angles. This meant we had to construct an animation in an almost stop motion style using the different frames from the turnaround. The cloud of snow behind this transition was frame by frame Photoshop animation as that was the best way to get it to mesh well with the choppy stop motion style.

    Animation – Tom Carpenter, Freddie Littlewood, Ian Greenfield

    Client – Red Bull / EHC Red Bull München