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    Motion Graphics Knowledge Sharing Video – Klever

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    To start, we designed the video to be a short introduction to Klever, the services they offer, and problems they solve within a business. For this project, we worked closely with Klever to produce a concept, the motion graphics knowledge sharing video, and accompanying script.

    According to Klever, the average worker spends 20% of their work week looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help. Most knowledge-sharing initiatives don’t stick as they rely on technology alone, rather than changing behaviours. Therefore, Klever really wanted to push this aspect home in this video we created with them.

    Motion Graphics Knowledge Video - Klever

    Cleverly, we learnt that Klever’s platform incorporates behavioural science insights with practical, proven techniques. This rapidly brings knowledge-sharing behaviour into an organisation. Unquestionably, it has proven to increase productivity by 30-50% within 3 months.

    For this project, we developed visual assets and styles alongside Klever’s graphic design team. Here at the Grizzle studio, we produced all visuals for the motion graphics knowledge sharing video. We also worked with Klever to create the script. Here at Grizzle, we also produced the voiceover in-house, picking a voice to suit a worldwide audience. We outsourced the sound design to freelance designer Marcin Pawlik but we still produced the project here at Grizzle.