J Hus – It’s Crazy

Music Video

The Brief

Production company Compulsory.film came to us with a host of VFX requirements for their upcoming music video for J Hus.

The party piece of the vid was to string a series of shots of J Hus, performing in a London studio, into one seamless shot.

Below is the VFX breakdown of J Hus going from studio, magically duplicating himself and then appearing for a third time through a car window.

Other VFX

In the video, we sprinkled a bit of VFX magic here and there, mostly focusing on rotoscoping, tweaking green screen footage, and swapping out faces with different shots.

Heads-up to all aspiring VFX directors out there – be cautious with green screens. They can be tricky and, in this project, they actually added to our workload.

Take a look at the shot below. It showcases our work inside J Hus’s car, where a big part of the challenge was managing the green screen’s color spill and altering the window reflections.


It’s a straight up After Effects bash, with Roto and Matte Painting services provided by RotoOut in India.


Lead VFX Artist: Freddie Littlewood
VFX Supervisor: George Stocking
VFX Artist: Asta Fawn
VFX Artist: Hannah Johnson

Rotoscope Services: RotoOut

Production Company: Compulsory.film
Artist: J Hus
Track: It’s Crazy

Music Company: Sony Music