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    WaterAid // If men had periods

  • About

    It’s not often you get a brief like this:
    “Hi, is that Grizzle? Yep, it’s Water Aid the charity… So we need you create a Manpon. It’s a male tampon. Can you make it look like a Gillette razor advert, all 3D, totally over the top motion graphics and stuff?”

    As part of WaterAid’s “If Men Had Periods” campaign, the charity created three videos detailing the world of the male period, looking at how it would affect everything from life at the office to watching football.

    What we did

    In the video we were brought on board for, we had to imagine what a “Manpon” advert would look like. The voiceover details how “A new extra strength sports tampon is engineered to give you super-charged performance during your period. This triple-moulded tampon based on a formula designed by NASA scientists is our best ever!”

    Our section was the 10-15s long section that you typically find in male hygiene products. Gillette shavers being the classic example. Our multi-layered super engineered MANPON was made using C4D. We deconstructed the geometry until we end up at the Kevlar reinforced core. In C4D we made use of the mograph module for the ‘peel aways’.

    The Campaign

    The WaterAid campaign aims to highlight the plight of 1.25 billion women around the world who lack access to a toilet and sanitary products during their periods, and address the fact that such an important issue is not understood by many men. The charity’s survey found that 70 per cent of women felt a stigma exists around periods. Half of those surveyed felt governments, schools and health professionals should do more to combat such a stigma.

    We had a lot of fun with this project, and were proud to be part of such an important cause. For more information on this issue and the other valuable work WaterAid does, visit their website here.