Drilly Rucksack

2D Music Video Animation

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, big shout time, we think Ocean Wisdom is still the best rapper in the UK. He’s definitely up there in the worldwide ranks too. After the success of the first music video that we did for Ocean Wisdom, we heard back from him once again. Round 2 it is.

Developing as an Artist

This time for something a bit different, Ocean Wisdom spoke to us about getting deeper with his music and going for a different vibe with Drilly Rucksack, something that was truer with his current position as a rapper. He felt as if though his music has developed, grown. He wanted to express that with a different style, we needed harmonise with that on a visual level.

What is a Drilly Rucksack?

It was a bit of a headscratcher for us too at first. After a few chats, the real meaning behind the track came through. A drilly rucksack is essentially a gun in a backpack. While drill can be slang for gun, using “drilly” instead of that really gives it a playful feel rather than an intense & violent feeling. Makes talking about topics like this more manageable and understandable for people who aren’t familiar with the kind of life & upbringing. It’s a bit of a tongue in cheek way of talking about things people usually don’t want to talk about or even potentially aren’t aware of.

Animation & Motion

The Ocean Wisdom Music Video had a short deadline. Yet we had an incredible team of animators jumped on board as soon as the project came through. They still knocked it out the park with that in mind. All the hand-drawn frames were collected in After Effects and arranged where it clearly visually illustrates Ocean’s lyrics.

From lyrics to vocal performance to visuals, this is really an unimaginable piece of art all around by everyone involved. We’re always trying to push the boat on Ocean Wisdom Music Video’s. With 800k views at the time of writing this, we think it went down well.