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    Coral – The Unbeaten Animation

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    Well . . . Can they be beaten?! From Sir Dragonet to Anthony Joshua, in this animation, these sporting superstars showed why they’re top of the game.

    Coral approached us with this exciting project: to show the best of the best in recent sporting events. Seriously, not letting anyone dribble past you, never losing a race, and keeping a 22-0-0 record are no small feats. Therefore, we wanted to produce a piece incorporating all this into one swift video.

    The Anthony Joshua animation is one of our favourites for this project. In this scene, he’s in the ring with Jürgen Klopp, only to get knocked down by the Champions League winning manager. Ultimately, Klopp proceeds to the next round to face Mauricio Pochettino.

    Fundamentally, this scene shows off all the effects we wanted to include with this project. This includes the sparks, incredible lens flare, sharp lighting and glowing reflections. Essentially, this produces the key aesthetic we were aiming for.

    Anthony Joshua Animation

    Jürgen Klopp vs. Anthony Joshua Animation Still

    Altogether, producing this piece was great fun, and we enjoyed mixing up 2D hand-drawn animations with 3D-esque parallax effects.

    We finished it off by adding wicked particle effects then swapping to Cinema4D to add some mad lighting and render it out in Octane. Overall, we think the final result looks class!


    Illustration – Roger Wade

    Animation – Alex Dray, Tom Paddon, Tom Carpenter

    Sound Design – Marcin Pawlik

    Client – Coral

    Agency – Catena Media