Hahnenkamm 3D Animation

Hahnenkamm is the world’s most dangerous downhill ski race, reaching max speeds of 140 Km/h. Not the sort of place you’d find your average Crystal Ski holiday maker. It is notorious for crashes because it’s just downright insane. Unsurprisingly, that eventually becomes a large part of the draw for the audience. Red Bull asked us if we could create a 3D animation of the key art they’d created for the race to be shown inside the Red Bull lodge.

The Displays

Grizzle was approached by Team Rottensteiner to help give some life to their incredible illustration of the mountain’s mascot. A cockerel might seem an odd choice at first, but Hahnenkamm literally translates to ‘rooster’s comb’, the jagged peaks recalling the shape of the crest on a rooster’s head. The end goal was that this animation would be spread out across numerous LED screens in all sorts of configurations. This meant a lot of weird aspect ratios and sliced up renders which, when viewed from a distance, would come together across all the screens to build the full image.

Octane at its best

We reconstructed sections of the image in Cinema 4D using paths, which we gave geometry and emissive textures to. That, combined with Octane’s beautiful post-processing effects, gives that brilliant, moody neon glow. Sometimes its fun to go really overboard on the effects, especially in such a dark scene. We ended up with an almost cyberpunk aesthetic.



Animation – Tom Carpenter, Freddie Littlewood

Agency – Team Rottensteiner