Red Bull Music Festival

Festival GIF Set


Big bass, big lyrics and big Bulls . . . *ahem* . . . the Red Bull Music Festival hit London, among many other European cities, with force. We were therefore asked by Team Rottensteiner to create some short interactive GIFs that people could slap on their Instagram stories. Hit it!

Microphone Explode to Speaker GIF!

Above all else, we wanted to maximise the interactivity of the GIFs. Additionally, we aimed to showcase various devices and objects that someone might find at a music festival. From speakers to keytars, anyone searching for Red Bull Music Festival on the Instagram story sticker menu would be able to show off their musical prowess. Drop the morphing mic and grab your booming headphones, we’ve got a festival to go to.

Agency – Team Rottensteiner

Client – Red Bull Music Festival


Animation – Tom Paddon, Tom Carpenter, Jamie Bradshaw