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    Champions League Animation – Pepsi & COPA9

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    Champions League Animation

    To start, in this fun Champions League animation project, we were commissioned by Pepsi & Copa90. Expectantly, the project was to produce a piece showing off famous moments in Champions League history. Each week, from the quarter final’s to the final itself, we created new animations bringing back classic moments in Champions League history.

    In quarter final week one, we cast our minds back to April 2003. Remember Ronaldo’s (the Brazilian Brute) hat-trick vs Manchester United? Savagely, it meant Manchester United lost on aggregate. For this, we decided that his aggressive and dominant play on the pitch deserved a bull-fighter style animation.

    Champions League Animation - Pepsi Copa90

    Similarly, looking at Lionel Messi’s tearing apart of Arsenal in 2010, we go back and remember him scoring 4 goals at the Nou Camp. Incredibly, a feat only ever achieved by 6 other players in Champions league history. What’s more, we cannot believe his ability to move past players, seemingly being in two places at the same time. Therefore, we decided to represent this artistically in the animations by utilising the cubism movement of the early 20th Century.

    The Project Finale

    Overall, for the full project we created 5 batches of Champions League animation culminating in Zidane’s famous side volley in the 2002 final. It’s safe to say, we thoroughly enjoyed working on these incredible moments in Champions League history. Finally, with the might of Pepsi, and the incredible creativity of COPA90, we would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to have a watch through the goals, skills and showboating in our animation.