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    RB Leipzig – Player Stadium Intro VFX

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    Grizzle on the big screen

    Ok not the big screen, but still. It’s always exciting to have something be shown in front of so many people, and these player intro VFX for RB Leipzig certainly fit that bill. Every time the players take to the pitch in the Red Bull Arena, RB Leipzig’s stadium, they play these intros on their huge screens to get everyone hyped up for the game.

    RB Leipzig – Player Stadium Intro VFX – Forsberg

    How does it work?

    First thing was to build the backgrounds in Cinema 4D. We went for a really modern look, loads of polished concrete and neon. The red lights help to tie everything together, as the actual footage was shot with red light on the players. You can use all the light wraps you like, but they’ll never quite be the same as matching the actual lighting on set to your background.

    Next step is keying the footage. These were shot really well, so this was no trouble at all, plus the red light really helped separate them from the green background. We’d then composite them in to the rendered background in After Effects. Next step is to add the text in (layered up nicely in front of and behind them). Finally, a little camera move to add to the impact of their entrances.

    RB Leipzig – Player Stadium Intro VFX – Hwang

    Reactive Content

    Red Bull Leipzig have a cracking line up, but like all teams is still subject to change. Each time, before an announcement is officially announced, we’re given a heads up about a week before hand to produce an amended version of the intros shown in the video. This means new greenscreen footage, a new number and the name of the new player. This is a very much a team effort between the Red Bull Leipzig media team and us. As soon as they can they supply us with footage of the player we jump into Cinema4D and start getting the scene build for the new player. All that needs updating is the number, then the rest is handled in After Effects in the way outlined above.

    RB Leipzig – Player Stadium Intro VFX – Gulacsi


    Animation – Tom Carpenter, Freddie Littlewood, Tom Paddon

    DOP – Rasmus Kaessmann

    Client – Adidas / COPA90

    Agency – Team Rottensteiner