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    Software Studio Animation (Aia Worldwide) – Capital One

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    About the Project

    We were brought in as specialist motion graphic artists / animators by Aia Worldwide. The video that we were helping to produce was a video for their client Capital One. They were going to use the video to help Capital One recruit for emerging digital coding talent. This meant that it had to be bold and inspiring, and showcase the best motion graphics has to offer! Here’s a still from the Software Studio animation video.

    Here at Grizzle, we love to show off with motion graphics and that’s exactly what we wanted to do with this project. Therefore, we grabbed the bull by the horns and went all out to create a mix of 2D physics and hot motion graphics to really make this animation pack a punch.

    Aia Worldwide - Capital One Software Studio Animation

    Software Studio Animation

    For this project, Aia Worldwide produced the concept and visual assets, which we then animated in After Effects. We produced the physics simulations that appear throughout the video, such as words falling inside of the basket, using an After Effects plugin called Newton. You can find the full Software Studio animation at the top of the page.

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