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    The Rights Exchange – Animation Sizzler

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    What is TRX?

    TRX is an online deal-making tool, giving broadcasters access to thousands of hours of TV shows. Let’s say you own a TV channel in Greece and you want to show, er… Desperate Housewives on your channel. Instead of calling or emailing ABC, not getting a response (the person you need to speak to is busy etc) you can log into TRX and get an instant quote for the broadcasting rights.

    The Brief

    We were asked to design, storyboard and produce a 3D animation which could communicate what TRX do, all within 30s. They call this an Animation Sizzler.


    TRX didn’t want to show a preference to one show producer over another. For this reason we couldn’t show footage of existing shows in the Sizzler.

    Using blockbuster show footage is an instant way to bring production value to any piece of work. Not being able to do it meant we needed to elevate the TRX brand to be on a par with high quality TV production. This is not really a challenge as such, in fact, for animators it was the best challenge to have. The focus becomes the animation work, not 3rd party content.

    Classic TV Idents

    El Classico TV Idents

    We used some great TV show intro’s and idents as inspiration which lead the design towards a hyper real 3D world. Instead of show footage we used stock video and images, placed onto shapes derived from the TRX brand. A fun and playful world where TRX blocks can fall and reassemble into lockups that deliver the message of the video.


    We used Cinema4D to construct the 3D world. The hardest part was creating the reversed dynamics simulations of the blocks. We did this by making the blocks fall under dynamic constraints, baking the movement and then reversing it. This great post on reversed dynamics from C4D cafe explains how that’s done.

    For the demo of the online TRX platform, namely the part that appears on the imac screen, we had initially taken screen recordings. BUT, we couldn’t get the timing nor the quality we wanted so we rebuilt the graphic elements and animated them in After Effects giving us full control.

    The piece was rendered in Octane for C4D.