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    The 2016 F1 Season as an Animated Comic Strip

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    What better way to summarise the 2016 F1 season than with an Animated Comic Strip.

    Story of the F1 season

    The 2016 season of F1 has been a truly 2 horse race. Dominated by two Mercedes drivers – Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg. In the week before the final race, with the title still within Hamilton’s grasp, CNN’s F1 show ‘The Circuit’ approached us. They wanted to recap the 2016 F1 season in the form of an Animated Comic Strip… get in.



    Strangely we took inspiration from the BBC’s old 70s & 80s show Grange Hill – we love and still love their bashful Animated Comic Strip intro.


    We’d produced comic strip style animations before but this time we wanted the animations to appear embodied within the pages. It added an extra layer of complexity but we could  make the pages feel alive with champagne foam and lens flares bursting out of the paper.



    Hand drawn illustrations by Roger Wade were animated using After Effects. Hands on heart, we had a lot of fun here – using old school techniques to make the cars shake into life, driving rain and smoke creating atmosphere. Not to mention the odd bit of fire. Once finished each page animation was rendered out at high resolution. We loaded the page animations as textures onto 3D pages modelled inside of Cinema4D.

    Once inside of Cinema we had full control of the camera movements and could give the piece an added layer of hyper-realism. Soft shadowing and ambient occlusion created depth and a sense of space. We tried as much as possible to make the camera movement feel like a viewer watching over the pages as they burst into life.

    We took the piece back into After Effects for some final polish. Here we added the lens flares and some motion blur… and of course some final colour correction.


    The Final F1 Outcome

    So how did things pan out in Dubai? Well, Hamilton won the race. But not without making a petulant attempt to slow the race to force Rosberg into traffic (against his team’s orders). Despite this, the German held onto 3rd position, earning him enough points to claim his first ever driver’s championship. Congrats Nico.